What is HAIW?

Over the years of providing technical support to customers in different businesses from cable services to accessing medical benefits on the internet, I think I have noticed is a lot of people don’t have basic computer knowledge. Even more so, a large population of people, do not have access to a computer accept in their home. To get the basic job nowadays you need to have the basic knowledge on how to use a computer and its tools and applications.

To take a computer training class, costs start at $2800. The cost many not be an issue for some but most people would rather go without computer knowledge or learn whenever they need to learn it. There are free online courses but if you don’t have a computer or know how to use one, it would not be helpful. With these things in mind, I decided to start a organization HAIW (HE alone is worthy). With this organization, I hope to be able to give those who lack the knowledge for the computer, the opportunity to gain it at zero cost to them.



Our Goals and Objectives

The first 12 months of starting HAIW will be spent setting the foundations needed to become a successful operation by finding churches and community centers who would like sponsor HAIW in providing free computer to their surrounding communities. Also during this time I would be advertising the services that HAIW is providing.

The next 2 to 3 years, I would like to increase my locations to the point where HAIW would be providing the computer training, at the most, 6 days a week. Hopefully HAIW will have a brick and mortar location or center to provide the training services to the community. With the increased community traffic, HAIW hopefully would acquire investors, sponsors, and / or funding to be able to expand the operation, possibly be able to hire a few people and offer more free services to the community.

After 3 years, HAIW will be running seminars out of my own facility where we would be providing a free business center. This center would provide services to assist people in securing employment such as a computer room for job searching, resume creation assistance, and interview training.

For those how are taking the course, we would provide a box lunch prior to the class starting, it is hard to learn on an empty stomach! Those who complete the basic computer training and show 100% improvement and a willingness to learn, HAIW would give them a basic refurbished desktop or laptop so they can keep exercising their newly acquired skills in preparation for their a new position in the workplace.

HAIW would also like to provide a donation center storage. I have found out that different places who take donations, after the event is over, if the things aren’t picked up by a certain time, they are disposed of. We would like to be able to get the things to the people who need them.



Our target area

From the United States Census Bureau regarding Indianapolis population estimates as of July 1, 2017, 85.5% are high school graduate or higher making $43,101 annually. 20.9% for the population is in poverty. HAIW’s goal is to reach the lower income community. The need for individuals who have the basic knowledge of computer usage and the ability to use Windows Office applications in the workplace are in high demand. Majority of the jobs on the market require some basic computer knowledge of a computer.

Start-up cost

Building or facility – $3000 / mo (depending on location)
11 desktops – $11,000
11 keyboards and mice – $440
3 power strips – $96
Router switch – $250
5 banquet tables – $600
Business broadband internet – $ 80 / mo
Website – $300 / mo
Accountant services – $3200 / mo
Salary – $3200 / mo